Does Generation Y rush into things or is it just me?

One of my biggest complaints with being in today’s working world is that I want to be productive and accomplish projects/tasks/things to do on my list. I don’t want to spend months and months in committee meetings, conference calls, and what I feel is wasted time trying to come to a group consensus until finally moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that proper research and exploration down a variety of roads is absolutely necessary to achieve a good solution.

However, when I am working with older generations I feel as if they are simply happy with having countless meetings and exploring every option known to man before finally coming to the consensus that they need to meet longer and research more. For me, at some point I want to actually get to the project, complete it, have a end-result or product to show and move onto the next initiative. Sure, maybe I don’t have every possible vendor researched and displayed on four different Venn diagrams with proper cost-benefit-ratios, returns on investments, consumer reports, and other data to support the decision. I’ve researched the solution enough to the point where I am comfortable putting my name on it and have a handful of reasons as to why selected this solution over another. However, for many of the older generation workers this does not seem to be enough. They seem to have a need to document every phone call, summarize every conversation, create dozens of action items and spend all this effort in the pre-work stages rather than completing the project.

Is this just me? If it is then surely it will be my downfall. Do other members of my generation have an over-achieving desire to almost just do it themselves and skip all the committees and conference calls so they can complete the project while another committee is still researching and sending emails back and forth? Can someone please provide me with some feedback?