I’m Not Quite Done With ASAE 2012

It’s been a week since ASAE’s Annual Meeting ended and I’m not ready to close the book on this year’s meeting. If you attended the Annual Meeting in Dallas August 11-14 and saw the twitter feed – you know there was a lot of great information beind shared. There were so many great sessions that I wanted to attend but couldn’t. I couldn’t let all that amazing information dissapear into the twitter black hole of old tweets – so I spent a few days organizing, reformatting, and saving the tweets for future use.

Below you will find links to each day’s tweets (at least the ones I could recover) from the conference. I’m hoping we can continue to learn, grow, and move forward after what was another amazing Annual Meeting.

Sunday, August 12 | Monday, August 13 | Tuesday, August 14

In the next few days I’ll share a more traditional post-conference post. Until then, enjoy the tweets!